We all know that we should exercise on a consistent basis to reap the health benefits, like a stronger heart, better weight management, better sleep, improved mood, more energy … and the list goes on and on. Exercising can even increase longevity. But, over time, it can get boring and is no longer the fun it used to be. If left unchecked, you will start missing workouts and eventually just quit exercising altogether. So how do we keep the fun in exercising? Here are a few of the more popular ways.

Vary your routine

Doing the same thing when exercising over time gets boring. Instead mix it up by having a few different routines to choose from. For example, if you typically run on a treadmill, run outside occasionally. If you lift free weights as part of your stretch training program, switch and use kettlebells instead.

Not only will varying your routine help from getting bored, but you will burn more calories. If you keep doing the same routine over and over, your body becomes more efficient at doing it and ends up burning fewer calories. If you keep it guessing, you’ll get maximum calorie burn.

Pump up the volume

There isn’t a better way to get you going when you don’t feel like exercising then to put on a pair of headphones or ear buds and play some spirited music. Something with a good beat to it.

Exercise with a friend

Working out with a friend does a couple of things. First, it gives you someone to talk to while going through your exercise routine, so it adds an element of socialization, but it also creates accountability. There may be times when you don’t feel like exercising, but you do so as to not let your friend down. And if the truth be known they exercise with you when they don’t feel like it too.

Join a group class

Exercising with a group is one of the best ways to put fun back into exercising. Not only do you make new friends, but there is a certain energy when a group of people are all doing the same thing at the same time. During this time of COVID 19, there are many pilates and exercises classes online to join

Get some new exercise clothes

Sometimes all it takes to put some fun back into your exercise program is to buy some new workout clothes or shoes. If you look good with what you are wearing, you will feel good and will want to continue working out.

Measure instead of weigh

Relying on a scale to measure your progress can turn you off to exercising if it shows you are not making progress. A better way to measure if you are making progress or not is to measure your waist, hips, upper arms and thighs with a cloth tape measure. In many cases, you lose inches, but not pounds. Some people go by how their clothes fit.


Because muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale can be misleading. You can still use a scale, but only use it as one method of tracking your progress and not the sole method.

Use these tips to either put some fun back into your workouts or to maintain the fun you are already having.

Lara Cawthra