WHO definition: “Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities.” (WHO) [accessed 15/03/20]

“Well-designed telehealth schemes can improve health care access and outcomes, particularly for chronic disease treatment and for vulnerable groups. Not only do they reduce demands on crowded facilities, but they also create cost savings and make the health sector more resilient.” (WHO) [accessed 15/03/20]

If you are unable to attend the clinic for your appointment you may be suitable for a Telehealth consultation.

These are remote consultations to help you keep recovering. Using our PhysiApp which can be on any device including the web browser on your computer.

Our telehealth consultations allow you to get in touch with our chiropractor without having to attend our practice. Telehealth consultations are webcam-based consultation that will take up to 20 minutes for an existing patient or 45 minutes for a New Patient. There is no physical contact or hands-on therapy involved in these consultations.

During a Consultation: What to Expect

In this consultation, your practitioner can take a detailed history, conduct an investigation virtually into your condition and send you a referral if any further tests are required. You may then be given a diagnosis and management advice that can include exercise, advice and general management. Prior to the Telehealth consultation you will be asked to download our rehabilitation application, Physiapp, from your Google Play store or the Apple store.

Once the app is downloaded, its really easy to use:

  1. The chiropractor will start the video call
  2. The patient will receive an email invitation to join the call
  3. The patient logs in to Physiapp to accept the call

From there, we can load a personal care plan into the app that consists of various stretches, exercises and care for you to follow at home.

Exercises will include videos so you can do them properly. We’ll also be able to check-in on your progress via the app.

Should you have questions or concerns, you can easily reach us by contacting us through your Physiapp or via the clinic number 01276 501777

Please note, no hands-on therapy can be provided in this consultation. More than one consultation may be required in order to help you with your problem.

There is no private health rebate currently available for this service.

1. Privacy;
Physitrack Telehealth simply runs inside PhysiApp (web, iOS and Android). There is no need for you to import your contacts or link your account with social networks.

2. Security
Chats are encrypted to help avoid interception.

3. Remote exercise demonstration
We are able to live stream exercises from the vast library of exercises in real-time while being able to talk to you at the same time. Click here for a short demonstration of how to use Telehealth with PhysiApp Watch Now

4. Nutrition consultation
Keep healthy by maximizing your nutritional status and decrease any additional stressors in your body. Nutritional consultations can also be conducted over Telehealth.