Arm & Leg Pain

Arm & Leg Pain

Understanding your arm and leg pain

The nervous system controls every cell in your body, including the muscles and nerves that run from your spine and into your arms and legs. If we weren’t all connected we would just fall apart!

Pain in your arms and legs can be localised, that is the problem has originated there, for example a sprained ankle. Or the pain could be referred from elsewhere, like a tingling sensation into your hand could have originated from a nerve irritation in your neck.

Chiropractors are trained to find the source of the problem, whether it is coming from the spine itself or from an extremity. Chiropractic techniques when applied correctly can help increase the movement in the affected motion joint, restore nervous system function and reduce pain and inflammation. It may even help you to get back to your favourite sport quicker than if you were to do nothing.

An initial consultation will involve taking a full history including past medical history, and physical examination, including a spinal analysis to determine the cause of the problem. The chiropractor will then discuss with you the findings and what chiropractic can do to help. If you wish to continue then a treatment will be given at the initial consultation.

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