Postural Fitness

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Postural Fitness

Posture is everything

Postural fitness is one of the new buzz words of healthy lifestyle thinking – and for good reason.

Millions of people experience back problems every year and postural fitness is one of the most powerful ways to address preventative health.

Postural fitness means optimal spinal alignment. It gives you greater strength and endurance, better coordination and balance.

Postural fitness helps you lead an optimal healthy lifestyle; reduce muscle fatigue and improve your postural endurance.

As we all know, back pain has serious consequences for families, lifestyle and employment. People with back problems report 2.5 times more disorders, such as depression.

To help improve your posture and wellbeing, it is advised you pick an exercise plan to strengthen your core muscles such as pilates (to build strength and improve your breathing); or yoga (to develop good balance and flexibility) or swimming (to improve muscle endurance, strength and resilience).

In addition there are small changes you can make to your routine which will improve your postural fitness – at home, at work and in transit. Many of us spend long periods of time sitting.

Sitting too long can:

Increase the stress on the discs between your vertebrae

Cause the natural curve in your back to deteriorate

Reduce the function and stability of your spine

Lead to inflammation, pain and possible early degeneration of your spine

Chiropractors often get asked how to sit right at the computer desk.

Some general tips for work are:

Try standing when you’re on the phone for extended periods

During meetings take regular stretch breaks

While you’re working at your computer take short breaks to stretch and stand

Check and adjust your position regularly

An active spine is a healthy spine and a healthy spine leads to a healthier life