Not sure if chiropractic could help you? This 20min, no obligation appointment will help you to understand more about chiropractic and if it could help you. No treatment is given with this appointment.

Pricing – What will it will cost

Our pricing reflects our expertise.
You can choose which aspects of your care you would like to focus on. Whether you would like to focus on your structure and function with chiropractic care, or you would like a more holistic approach. It is up to you!

For children with delayed development/ learning and behavioural difficulties and adults with neurological and other complex conditions, it would be best, to begin with an extended new patient appointment.

Savings can be made when services are booked together as you don’t have to see separate practitioners on different days and times, see our Holistic Health Care Packages.

Chiropractor - Follow on & regular treatment


May inculde spinal adjustment and/or other forms of trreatment including supportive therapy.

Chiropractic - New patient & treatment


Consultation, Examination and explanation of diagnosis and treatment plan. Includes first treatment

Chiropractic - Extended new patient


This longer consultation, examination, report of findings and appropriate treatment. Required for children with delayed development/ learning and behavioural difficulties and children/adults with neurological and other complex conditions. Start here for the Rebalance Programme.

Rebalance programme - new patient


It can be used on any child (or even adult) who is experiencing neuro-developmental issues. The programme encompasses all aspects of you or your child’s lifestyle to include nutrition, posture, musculoskeletal structure, neurodevelopmental assessment, primitive/primary reflex assessment and integration

Rebalance programme - follow on


These sessions continue the work of the initial session incorporating structure, function, reflex integration and nutrition as appropriate

Nutritional assessment - Initial


Before the first consultation, you will need to fill in a health and nutrition questionnaire. An initial consultation typically lasts 60 and in this time Lara will ask further detailed questions so that an individualised nutrition programme can be tailored for you.

Nutritional - Follow up


If blood tests and analysis are required there may be an extra charge made directly to the testing laboratory involved.

Holistic healthcare package - New patient


This longer consultation, examination and treatment is ideal if you want to dig deeper into your health status. It includes the Chiropractic New Patient and treatment AND the new patient Nutritional assessment. SAVE £20

Well child/baby visit


Includes history, examination, neurodevelopmental assessment, spinal assessment. No treatment is given at this time. 30-45min

Holistic healthcare package - Follow on


Includes both a chiropractic follow on treatment and nutritional consultation follow up.

Telehealth - New patient


Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities. Consultation, remote examination, and explanation of the diagnosis. Treatment will include guidance in certain procedures and exercises while remaining at home. 45min

Holistic healthcare package - Existing patients


Virtual consultation and guidance in certain procedures and exercises while remaining at home. 20 min