NIP - Neuroimpulse Protocol

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What is NIP Neuroimpulse Protocol

Lara uses a very different approach to helping you get over your pain. Often chiropractic techniques produce a crunching or cracking sensation, this is not so at Hands-on Health, Camberley.

The technique is called NeuroImpulse Protocol (NIP), not that it matters what it is called. However, you might like to know that NO CRUNCH or CRACK is involved.

“Most patients demonstrate a sense of relaxation and calm after each NIP adjustment.”

NIP was originally developed to use on infants and babies and has since been adapted to be used on adults. No one anywhere in the world has reported being injured by this type of chiropractic adjustment (technique)

What is a chiropractor trying to achieve?

For many, chiropractic is about restoring function and stability of the spine. By releasing tension in the spine, muscles can be relaxed thereby relieving the pain associated with the anomaly.

However, what is it that runs through the spine? Your spinal cord, this is your nervous system. It is your nervous system that controls every cell of your body.

The brain sits at the top of your nervous system runs down your spinal cord, branches off in pairs at each vertebral level to control every muscle, organ and cell of your body.

The chiropractor does more than move muscles or straighten your posture and spine. A chiropractor is affecting your nervous system allowing your brain to talk to every part of your body.

What can I expect after a NIP adjustment?

Most patients demonstrate a sense of relaxation and calm after each NIP adjustment. Many patients heave a deep sigh immediately following an NIP adjustment as their body releases tension from deep within the nervous system that may have been accumulating for some time. NIP adjustments never hurt, thay are not risky in anyway and the overall experience as a patient is pleasant and enjoyable.

Are NIP adjustments safe?

Yes, absolutely. No-one anywhere in the world has ever been injured by an NIP adjustment or other low force adjustments of a similar nature. Children enjoy NIP adjustments so much they often hop up onto the chiropractic table in anticipation and the adult patients, especially our seniors, express their appreciation at having the option of a technique that utilizes very little force.

So what does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is trying to restore function and stability not only to your spine, but also to your underlying nervous system. Trying to get your brain to “talk” to every part of your body, to help you reach your full potential.